11 January 2009

Quote of the day

" ... the deejays might well be doing a service to the gay community by making constant references to its members. After all these frequent references to what might be deemed deviant behaviour tend to increase societal acceptance of what is being proscribed."
- Clyde McKenzie
in "More Questions Than Answers," Jamaica Observer, 2009 January 11

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Fiyu Pikni said...

I have considered this as well.

I am reminded of post World War II America where there existed both disgust and obsessive fascination with homosexuality.

This dualistic approach to homosexuality, among other factors, ultimately gave rise to the gay movement of the 60's and 70's, arguably the movement's most successful period.

It is well known that homosexuality is shunned by the Jamaican world view. Why the need to reassert this view? Reasserting it, through a medium as powerful as music, keeps the issues surrounding gay rights in the consciousness of all Jamaicans.

Surely, one day someone will stop and say, "Why do we care about the gays again?"