17 December 2005


I am angry, incenced, but more than anything "pissed off", with what I see happening in the local and external media,surrounding Steve's death. but even more so, with members of the GLB..., some of whom live here, but also those who don't live in an island of 2,6000,0000, but cities of many more millions, in the United States and Europe. They can and have sometimes chosen to be invisible members of the community, having decided to leave Jamaica, or never to live here in the first place. Suddenly this man who chose to do the work that he did as a "Gay man working in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention" in marginalised communities, is a "Gay man" and murdered in a homophobic commumuity. What absolute and "honest" proof do we have? Maybe the reports from the people in the house etc. But hey, is this enough to do what is being done???? No, I don't think so.

"Steve did what he did, with marginalised communities, because he believed in it."

I am not a member of the gay,lesbian, bisexual or "anything else" community. I was "born" heterosexual but was fortunate enough to spend and engage most of my adult life in love, friendship and hopefully an outside understanding of the GLB ... For the past 15 years I have "chosen" to work with the community in its work to prevent HIV and AID's prevention with all communities and within that, much work solely working with people who identified (or not) with being gay and helping them and their families to understand and acknowledge the issue of identifying as GBL ...

I am however as a friend of Steve Harvey's for the past 10-13 years, so angry about what has resulted from his death. Steve was a sweet and gentle giant who had learned to accept with difficulty his sexuality, as have most folks. He would I feel be mortified, by what he sees happening now... The newly and freshly growing relationship with his family surrounding his sexuality was just beginning to blossom, and as we all know that takes time, patience,love and belief.... What can his family and friends feel now. "Steve Harvey , well known gay activist. " (in the press) He wasn't a gay activist, he fought for people with HIV/AIDS and in his own small way maybe brought the whole "gay ' thing into it." That is what Jamaica AIDS Support
has always been about. Not separating but trying to incorporate.

I am saddened by the response and I believe a selfish response on the part of activists that I "no longer" feel I have much faith in. I am really saddened.



jalgbt said...

Oh Christine be quiet!, you don't know what it means to be gay and in Jamaica because you are not. I think Steve would be proud of what's happening, love you dearly but sit back, observe and learn.


jalgbt said...

Hi Christine:

I agree with you. In fact, I couldn't agree with you more. I have known Steve for a while now and never thought of him as any kind of gay activist... That's like somebody saying that I am a well known gay activist. I am far from any such thing. I am a believer in equal and human rights and I believe in the protection of the biosphere/environment and I believe in culture as an agent for transformation... We can believe in things or be a part of a world without being branded with the title of 'activist.' We seem to agree on a lot of things you and I - but in this uncertain climate where so many people are struggling to find ways to define and empower themselves we may be like a voice crying in the wilderness. Still, I believe there's hope...


jalgbt said...

I am heartened by your courage and honesty. Steve
worked for everyone and his death should not be used
as an opportunity for vested interests. Those who
really pioneered work in HIV/AIDs in Jamaica...But one
day the real story will come out. Best wishes