14 December 2005

Welcome to Jamaica Land We LGBT

Within the Jamaican LGBT community, both island-based and diasporic, there arises from time to time a need to communicate quickly and effortlessly. E-mail lists have sprung up in response to these needs but have the shortcoming of omitting persons who would like to be included, others who may prefer not to be shown listed, and still others who may not wish to listed at all. This medium allows each to choose their level and frequency of engagement.

For this forum to be successful, active participation by many is essential, so this is set up as a group blog. Volunteer to be a contributor, particularly if you represent a region or constituency - Brooklyn or Bog Walk, women or drag queens, Upper Sin Andrew or downtown sport - so we can have a wide range of opinion. In addition to the anonymity afforded by the use of handles, this is a restricted forum for which registration is required to post comments. Please register and encourage your crew to join as well. More general, open comments can be directed to the under-utilized but highly valuable J-FLAG message board.

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