16 December 2005

Re: Who killed Steve Harvey

What is a hate crime? My understanding is that it is a crime that is purely driven by hate, phobia, intolerance. If we accept this definition I have to say that Brian's murder was not a classic hate crime. He was killed by someone he knew, who wanted money. Where the hate comes in is that Brian's killers knoew that if the manner in which they killed him would spark a particular response, based on who Brian was.

In Steve's case, the sketchy details I've heard seem to strongly indicate that he may have been 'set-up'. This supposed asking the other 2 young men IF they were gay and opting to tie them up, but take Steve seems too highly thought out and logical to me.

What is true is that our leaders, fellow-jamaicans, colleagues e.t.c. remain relaxed and inactive in the face of the hatred and discrimination that is part of the fabric of many of our lives.

Hatred and discrimination combined with internalized homophobia, self-hate, lack of respect for our selves and our fragile community all too often becomes the gift we give ourselves e.g. the disgraceful melee at Steve's memorial at JAS on Sunday... my suspicion that something of this nature would occur is why I did not attend ... that's not how I want to remember Steve.

There is SO much 2 B done ...


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